12 constellation beauty makeup collection letter in Mong Kok early spring Rod peach

By admin, 2010/03/17 23:05

When the constellation uncover secret of 1.1 points, you also cannot help but praise its magic. So, believe in you in addition to weekly focus distance of the constellation, has studied the best for you want peach of makeup? Come take a look at the following professional makeup tips, intended, hurry up!

Aries make-up skills

12 constellation beauty makeup collection letter in Mong Kok early spring Rod peach

Face make-up, Aries can be said to be cool and the dead do not pay the penalty. Color cosmetic focus of is you do best, despite the bold freely, to disregard the secular Conservative criticism, various color here is always confident in you face. You don\’t love slowly with lip pen strokes, total directly on the lips with lipstick on the sketch. In fact, you even cosmetic trouble, often want to have a machine can go in, face painting well, wouldn\’t it be nice.

Aries people already have a relatively broad face, it is recommended that when you were in makeup, you can modify your slightly rigid lines.

Taurus make-up skills

12 constellation beauty makeup collection letter in Mong Kok early spring Rod peach

Cosmetic how expensive you think doesn\’t matter, the most important thing is to be able to draw the effect you want, and a makeup and clothes to match many occasions. If you really want to appear charming, neutral make-up, not too soft or too charm of Li, most with your heart. Do you believe that perfect makeup will be able to own image added.

Taurus makeup, note the location near the nose, nose person relatively flat, you can make the surface more solid form, but not too intensive.

7 see loved actress deductive sweet date makeup

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Many appointments, do not know the make-up of a choice of what kind? That than to with female star were good learning about, retro of hair retro of makeup capacity, flames red lip let sexy index directly breaking table; or select a paragraph in the min soft curls woman taste full, match black eyeliner by rough variable fine, corner gently a pick, charm unlimited; thick eyelashes makes eyes power Rugose, mystery doubled, match light Department Gill red to light colour, last don\’t forget has exists sense of lip color, highlights soft temperament, dare nude type girls doomed set thousands of attention and loved.

Anna Kendrick

7 see loved actress deductive sweet date makeup

In soft curls woman full of rose brow feet add classical temperament, eyes like precious stones in the US oh ciliary Neurotrophic, smiled, sweet breath in blowing in winter.

Grammy makeup feast Zhang Yang personality is called

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500 million viewers worldwide, music industry one of the most authoritative Prime 53rd Grammy was finally held in North America on February 13 in Los Angeles, in the face of all is the trend of the first-line stars, female stars were shining dress turns bombing eye, face painting of Zhang Yang personality can become a big winner.


Egypt Queen eyeliner

If Egypt Queen like pretty and coquettish elongated eyes, limelight almost over all smoked that evening make-up, replace eyeliner eye shadow painted by elongated effect, vivid does not dull, Brown purple gradient SUMI is full of mysterious and sexy atmosphere.

Chanel 2011 makeup custom light Angel wind

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Flamboyant colorful styles never CHANEL advanced customization topics, the models were seemingly nude makeup expresses lightness, elegance, elegant, clean side, which is the unlimited potential of makeup art gives people.

CHANEL show beautiful fashion aside that, each time you launch Chanel cosmetics Creative Director bidefeili Sam Philips contribution can give us a cosmetic feast. If you remember the spring and summer of 2010 that dream high uniform Baroque style make-up, take the point, we advanced custom show dates back to the spring and summer of 2009 make-up, you will find: spring and summer launch, in cooperation with Karl and Peter Chanel high custom show makeup has always been the fairy wind.

Today, let us look at the 2011 spring summer show makeup Chanel high customization of the production process, do one of Chanel\’s Angel girl!

Rich, modern urban wind integration \”makeup\” outgoing

By admin, 2010/03/17 23:01

Compared 2011 spring summer show field Shang large appears of high brightness high color of eye shadow, this year in autumn and winter show field Shang of eye shadow more biased Yu low-key gorgeous of dark smoke smoked, today love Li beauty small series on first for members describes from New York fashion zhoushangdelike·Lin (Derek Lam) 2011 in autumn and winter ladies \’ show field of makeup modeling–full avant-garde sense of metal grey eye shadow, absolute can order you personality full!

Rich, modern urban wind integration \”makeup\” outgoing

Delike·Lin (Derek Lam) this makeup is yashilandai (Estee Lauder) global creative design Director Tom Pecheux creative makeup, starting with the black eye shadow to Flash particle, exaggerate the transition to the temples as wings wings and elaborate metal gray eye shadow, eyelid formation Center in silver foil-like makeup effects. Last light sweep the light powder on the brow, modern eye makeup and sense of building to complete. Done so far can not only feelings, can also be very modern, Oh! Tom says, which makeup the largest features inspiration, in the sense of metal gray eye shadow under the dress, reflecting the sense of strength and construction, while losing confidence and lovely. Rich, modern urban wind integration \”makeup\” outgoing, you ready yet?

\”Powder\” decoration face tips for men-star more

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In fact, male facial skin trouble and now women is no different: colour dark sink, large pores, such as small dark circles and fine lines. If you only use skin care products to solve these problems is the need for some time. Unexpected stay up overtime, night Carnival, will face instant collapse of every other day. To address this situation, most effective way to improve is the moderate end of smearing some makeup, face look instantly disseminated glory.

\”Powder\” decoration face tips for men-star more

What is cool, what type? In fact, regardless of height and weight, clean and decent appearance, is a handsome male character of absolute need to have, looking at the male handsome of the fashion world, in addition to get some outside its wear, moderate face end of some makeup, they show in front of the lens is confident secret key.

To a lot of importance to the instrument\’s men, after washing your face care products may have on the liniment is a commonplace thing, but the end of their makeup is exclusion and rejection, because there are two: first, the trouble, the second is a worried mother upper body! Don\’t be afraid, next four tips to make your boyfriend \”powder\” decoration face avoid smell of paint. MM have come for your boyfriend\’s learn.

Revealing the secrets of the paparazzi-proof shell woman HD lens

By admin, 2010/03/17 22:59

Even in the face of David Beckham (David Beckham) sex scandals one after another, Pui his wife Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) remained as the wives of many politicians, first time out to support her husband, she said that he may be too perfect, so we always be fault finding. So many years of marriage, the children also gave birth to several, Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) remains very obsession with their small Bell, now sees his body-such as Greece statue nude, also was proud to commend yourself, \”do better! Girl. ” (You done good, gril!)

Revealing the secrets of the paparazzi-proof shell woman HD lens

World\’s first perfect husband, himself to become a perfect wife to be mastering! The fashion Icon don\’t mind launches own clothing brand, let everyone try to copy her dress, but when it comes to cosmetic maintenance, Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) seems very mysterious. When the world\’s most photogenic woman (or the most photogenic women), you must always face the HD HD lenses of the paparazzi, she used to stay in perfect appearance? Following elegant beauty and small series on Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) love with hair, skin care, cosmetic products published!

Actress Oscar party as \”grey\” constant error

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Although there is no smoke everywhere and tension on the prize-giving ceremony, Oscar viewing party fully rendered is a fun and relaxed atmosphere, put down the red carpet rules actress, but whatever it takes to show their fashion skills, avant-garde make-up of nature becomes very claimed the human eye\’s focus!

Odette Yustman

Actress Oscar party as \”grey\” constant error

Red dress was bright but not flamboyant, simple makeup can be a very good show of its essence. Extending through the eyes, effective stretching enlarged eyes, dark eyeliner and thick black eyebrows formation also echoed. Natural concentration of light brick red blush displaying vibrant healthy skin in wheat. Matt purple lip color reducing make-up of luminosity, brought able mature beauty.

Young stars makes clean makeup exquisite gloss is King

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Charming stereo where is the key to make-up? Black thick eyeliner? Orange pink lips subtle luster? Or blush and high light? Let\’s look at Star demonstration!

Kim Kardashian

Makeup in t at the end after the highlights of the region became more dazzling, eyelashes, thick volume warped next lashes is just as important, to brush out the root sense of fine roots are distinct.

Paris Hilton

The black eyeliner filled orbital painting as a whole, visually zoom in my eyes. The black eye shadow SUMI around the eyes, eye-head with a silver light, very rock and temperament.

Milan fashion week makeup hairstyle trends decryption

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Milan fashion week draw period, still in rapidly rotating the pendulum fashion trends. Now t-stage from Milan to explore next season make-up trends, you in the spring than IN others-shoot.

Missoni\’s Global Creative Director said this season is \”Paris met punk rock\”, makeup inspired by three films of the pulp fiction, the Wild at Heart, and the deadly romantic. It this raspberry red lip color in Gucci fall/winter 2011 also appear on the show. It looks more Ecstasy than dark red, Red China last year, more suitable for autumn/winter mix of retro-style clothing.

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